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Ever since I opened my first clinic as a Chiropractor in Macomb Township Michigan I wanted to get involved into the community.  First I joined the local chamber of commerce.  The chamber has great events every month to meet other business owners in the community.

In addition to the chamber I joined a networking group called the Business Resource Alliance Group.   This is a group where business owners meet every month and talk about each others businesses, specials and refer business to each other.  

Another way I  get involved in the community is through doing disease prevention programs.  We often go into a local schools, churches or business and do stress evaluations, massage and chiropractic posture evaluations for the teachers, congregation, employees and customers.  Often times a person may be suffering with neck pain, back pain or headaches and they would come into my Macomb Township Chiropractic Clinic to see if we could help with their health problems.  Most of the time we can provide the much needed help and pain relief too.

A good way we like to give back to the community is through local charities. Whether doing a canned food drive for one of the local food backs or supporting a church by helping collect cloths or toys for a needy family, we love to help out.  One of our favorite charities to give to is the Desert Angels to help support our troops fighting over seas.  Sometimes we do a packing party and collect and pack goods into gift boxes (like personal hygiene items, magazines, underwear, etc..) to ship to the troops. Or we may have an event like the 1950's Sock Hop Fund-raiser  to help raise money to send to the troops. 

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