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Dr. Chris McNeil Chiropractic Education

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After graduating high school in 1994 I went to Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan in hopes of becoming a physical therapist.  My studies at Wayne State included the traditional prerequisite courses like psychology, history and writing.  I'm a big fan of history so a couple of my favorite courses at Wayne State were Medieval History and Armenian History which was taught in the Manoogian building on campus. 

Next at Wayne State I took the prerequisite science courses like Abnormal Psychology, Chemistry and Biology. Around this time is when a few close friends of mine came home on their winter break from Life Chiropractic University.  It only took one chiropractic adjustment from my friend to know that I wanted to become Dr. Chris McNeil chiropractor.

In 2000 I moved to Marietta Georgia and where I started my chiropractic education.  The average chiropractor takes around 4,400 hours of classroom, lab and clinical experience.  Sometimes even more classroom hours then some medical doctors. 

While studying to become a chiropractor at Life University I became interested in a specialized technique of chiropractic rehabilitation called Chiropractic Bio-Physics.  I really liked this technique because it was heavily based on scientific research and it also involves physical rehabilitation.  After taking about  120 hours of  intense training courses and testing I became the first Chiropractor in Macomb County and in Michigan to be certified in the Chiropractic Bio-Physics technique of spinal rehabilitation. 

In addition to years of schooling, both myself and the Metro Detroit Chiropractors in Macomb Township, Ferndale and Detroit all must participate in continuing education classes each year.
cDr. Christopher MNeil Chiropractic Education

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